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Financial Statement Audit

We carry out Statutory and Tax Audits to assure that your financial statements show a proper view of financial situations and operational decisions in accordance with the guidelines issued by the regulator.


We carry out reviews and contribute an impact review of reporting under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), Indian Accounting Standards (Ind – AS), or US GAAP. We also assure that reporting conditions are appropriately met.

Special Purpose Audits

We serve our clients with special-purpose surveys where we check on administration or regulator specified areas viz. Corporate Social Responsibility, Anti-money laundering, Information Technology Systems, Grant utilization, etc.

Forensic Audits

The security of an organization’s assets is very important and our professionals have experience in forensic auditing matters, leading investigations, defense, and litigation matters addressing a wide variety of accounting, financial reporting, and auditing issues, regulators to detect fraud or financial irregularities.