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Corporate Advisory

We support our clients to explore a strategy vis-à-vis the Indian regulatory environment. Our team of experts works together and provide definite knowledge on matters which could involve Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA), Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Company Law, Direct and Indirect taxes, labor matters, Special Economic Zone (SEZ), etc.

Entry Strategy

We advise a suitable structure to match your India business strategy and we picture risks and necessary steps needed to register and operate your entity in accordance with the relevant administrative and foreign exchange demands.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We provide end to end guidance on contracts from planning to closure.
Sell-side Advisory: We support clients in understanding and realizing the potential value of their business. We operate closely with them to devise tailor-made tacts during contract negotiations.
Buy-side advisory: From market analysis to defining an acquisition strategy, we find potential destinations, negotiate a decent value, and promote the administration through till the finalization of final agreements.

Due Diligence

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals assists in performing the highest quality due diligence support that contributes significantly to decision making by management on either the buy or sell-side of a transaction. We also advise post-merger integration support.


Valuations are important for purposes of taxation, financial reporting, buying or selling a company, and equity financing. In either business partner disputes, our valuations help owners operate and solve disputes. We are specialized in business valuation services from an operationally directed accounting perspective. Within this specialization, we are both experienced and accomplished, having performed valuations for companies of all capacities and across various industries. We manage the most challenging valuation situations.

Fund Raising

Our goal is to serve to afford services that will help you raise capital in a way that’s suitable for your company’s stage of growth, goals, and difficulties. We will help you decide the appropriate mix of debt and equity financing and how to achieve that financing in a way that best supports your company value. We help you to manage the amount of financing required at each stage of growth to accomplish your goals.

Risk Advisory

We offer risk management advice to keep the organization compliant with Indian ordinances, assure that financial records are strong and overall guide you to reduce avoidable losses.